Scott Koss's Wiki for Instructional Tech 325

Fall 2010 - UW Oshkosh

Introduction from Mr. Koss at UW Oshkosh Dragon Boar Races.

Mr. Koss

Welcome to my learning wiki. I am a Physical Education Major and HPER club board member. This wiki is being made for my instructional Tech 325 class at UW-Oshkosh. I hope you enjoy my wiki and the information that is provided. Please feel free to use any of the information that is useful. My main interest and hobby is being active and playing basketball so you will see lots of information about these subjects.

Here is a link to the university I attend -- UW Oshkosh

Here is a YouTube Video of Basketball Coach Bo Ryan from the University of Wisconsin.

How Teachers are using Wikis:

In the classroom students can use wikis as platforms for collaborative problem solving; group laboratory reports; "WebEssays" (essays that combine images, text, and hyperlinks); classroom writing projects; and the creation of a class "textbook." Basically, wikis can be used to support any type of collaborative student project.

Art of using the Wiki

Using Wiki to promote education

Wild about Wikis

Here is a great link to a E-Learning Wiki: E Learning